Welcome to Christian's Car Events in the Dolomites and on Lake Garda

From the high Dolomites mountains of my homecountry SouthTyrol to the beachs of the Lake Garda I organize for You different types of Car Events with unforgetable drives, POI and program points! All events are organized as INTERNATIONAL events! 

MG Events

All "MG" cars which were built between 1924 and 2005 and are regular licensed for the road-traffic are accepted.

(also accepted the MG TF Mk II which were built between August

2008 and March 2011)

Cabrio Tours

Each type of "Cabrio" / "Spider", Roadster, Targa and

Convertible car is accepted - from classic to new car!

Jaguar Days in the Dolomites

For all kind of Jaguar cars. (even Daimler versions are accepted)