2017 - June - MG Summer Meeting in the Dolomites

Participants from: AUSTRALIA, Germany, Switzerland, SouthTyrol, Austria and UK

 2016 - IV MG Meeting in the Dolomites      = South Tyrolean Historic Tour =

Participants from: Germany, Switzerland, SouthTyrol, UK, USA and Slovenia

2016 - May - MG Spring Meeting in the Dolomites

Participants from: Germany, Switzerland, SouthTyrol, UK and Netherland

2015 - October - 3rd MG Meeting in the Dolomites

Participants from: England, Sweden, France, Corsica, Germany, Switzerland, SouthTyrol, Brasil, Estonia and Spain.

==> with the participation of a swedish MG Xpower SV !!!

2015 - June - 1st MG Party in the Dolomites

Participants from: England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, SouthTyrol and USA

==> with the participation of 2 of 4 ever built MG TF 1800 Harper Roscoe !!!

2014 - May - 1st MG Springtime Drive through the South Tyrolean Alps

Participants from: England, Germany, France, SouthTyrol

2013 - October - 1st MG Meeting in the Dolomites

Participants from: England, Germany, SouthTyrol, Italy

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